“Growing up conversations about mental health were not encouraged in my family, my culture or my country. Rather, we were encouraged to tough it out. The result was that I had internalized a lot of trauma and a lot of shame that was preventing me from confronting it.

When I emigrated to the United States, all of that trauma came rushing to the surface and I didn’t have the tools or the confidence to confront it. Frankly, I didn’t even know where or how to begin. And then, I heard Meg on a podcast and she was describing what I was experiencing so accurately and with such empathy that I knew that if anyone could help me it was Meg.

Meg has been incredible. She has helped me not only realize that it is okay to talk about mental health but that it is a sign of strength. She has helped me make sense of why my body and my brain are reacting in the way they are. And she has given me the tools to manage my feelings, make it through the day and work through my past. What really impresses me about Meg is how many different approaches she brings together. Rather than dogmatically relying on one form of treatment or one school of thought, she draws on the best of everything available and deploys it at the exact right moment. Meg is quite literally a lifesaver. I can’t endorse her highly enough.”

“Working with Meg has truly changed my life. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and creates a safe environment to explore deep-rooted trauma. Her approach is not one that looks to use a band-aid fix but rather to address the root causes of issues. She uses multiple modalities to do this self-exploration, and it has been so helpful for me to learn from her how to get into my body through various skills. I never had a therapist who was so knowledgeable about the nervous system, trauma, and mental health.”

“Meg is an amazing therapist! I have had my fair share of therapists in my life, but what I appreciate most about Meg is how she intertwines different modalities together for a holistic approach. We have done brain spotting, talk therapy and meditation. She provides insights and plans so you are empowered to take action. I am so grateful for Meg!”